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Instructions for Authors
1. Submission

From 2021 Acta Universitatis Matthiae Belii, series Mathematics only accepts quality survey papers (of length at least 20 pages) in selected areas of mathematics and theoretical computer science. Manuscripts of survey papers must be written in English. The submission is made electronically; just send e-mail with a PDF file in the attachment to the address of Editorial Office.

Submitted articles should be written in LaTeX. It will be helpful (for all, the author, reviewer and the Executive Editor) if the submitted article is written in LaTeX-2ε, using aumbart document class with class option draft.

The authors are obliged to suggest their preferred Responsible Editor from the Editorial Board. The submitted article goes to the selected Responsible Editor for an Entry Consideration. This should take at most 14 days. Then the author will be informed by the Responsible Editor whether the submitted article is rejected or selected for the refereeing process.

2. The referreing process
The Responsible Editor will choose at least one confidential referee for the article. The refereeing process should be completed in six months. Based on referee's report, the Responsible Editor recommends acceptance or rejection of the paper and the author will immediately receive the information about this. More precisely, the possible outcomes of the refereeing process and the Responsible Editor's recommendations are:
  1. The article is accepted without change;
  2. The article is accepted subject to minor changes;
  3. The article needs major revision and referreing process must be passed again;
  4. The article is rejected.

When the article is accepted for refereeing process, it is locked in Acta UMB Math. The author should not re-submit the article in other journal or publish the (full) submitted form prematurely without explicit agreement of Acta UMB Math. Such an act will lead to immediate rejection of the paper, if observed.

3. The publication process
Once the article is accepted for publication without further change required (the outcome number 1 above), the author must provide the article source written in LaTeX-2ε, using aumbart document class, including all resources (such as figures, graphs) in suitable form. (The good sign of this suitable form for the author is if the article can be processed by pdfLaTeX without any errors.) Full source code and other resources must be sent by email to the address of Editorial Office.

Compressed files can be attached into e-mails (it is safer); use ZIP or RAR, please. The final form of an article should be published in Online edition within 14 days from the day of obtaining the complete final form. Please consult details of publication with the Executive Editor.

4. Preparing manuscripts and final forms
Submitted articles could be and final forms of articles must be prepared using LaTeX-2ε and document class aumbart. We recommend using pdfLaTeX for compilation.

Here is the downloadable form of class files, including template and example files:

The distribution archive is self-contained; please look at README file for installation instructions. The file aumb-template.tex contains notes how to write a paper using the class. You may use aumb-template.tex as a good starting point for writing your paper. Please, rename the file before using it.

When writing the article you should take following advices into account:
  • Use actual version of aumbart class file;
  • Do not make any changes to aumbart.cls;
  • Do not change any size parameters, i.e. do not use \setlength command, package geometry or any of this kind;
  • Do not use vertical spaces, such as \bigskip,\medskip,\vskip, etc.
  • Do not redefine environments such as definition, theorem, proof and others, predefined by class;
  • Do not redefine the predefined counters;
  • Do not create lists by hand - use itemize and enumerate instead, or in display math gather, aligned, or similar;
  • Minimise using of packages other from implicitly included by the class; if really needed, use packages distributed in standard TeX distributions;
  • If needed, use \newcommand to define you own macro, avoid using TeX primitives like \def;
  • Follow the style of bibliography in aumbart-template.tex. (Our own bibtex style will be available in the future.)