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  Issue 2020  

H. Cheriha, Y. Gati and V. P. Kostov, Degree 5 polynomials and Descartes' rule of signs,

S.B. Chandrakala, G.R. Roshini, B. Sooryanarayana and M. Mihoková, Non-neighbor sum-connectivity index and ABC index,
V. P. Kostov and B. Z. Shapiro, Polynomials, sign patterns and Descartes' rule,

D. Vamshee Krishna, D. Shalini, and T. RamReddy, Coefficient inequality for transforms of bounded turning functions,

F. Forouzesh and M. Mirhosseini, Roughness in MV-modules,

G. Monoszová and A. Haviar, Professor Ľubomír Snoha, 60 years old,

V. Banas, I-derivative,
H. Batkunde, H. Gunawan, and Y. E. P. Pangalela, Bounded linear functionals on the n-normed space of p-summable sequences,

K. Raj, S. K. Sharma and A. Kumar, Generalized sequence spaces over n-normed spaces.

R. Mesiar and D. Ševčovič, Editorial,
J. Kelemenová and M. Kuková, Central limit theorem on MV-algebras,

A. Breda d'Azevedo and M. E. Fernandes, Regular Oriented Hypermaps Up To Five Hyperfaces,

I. Bebčáková, J. Talašová and P. Škobrtal, Interpretation of The MMPI-2 Test Based on Fuzzy Set Techniques,

M. Haviar and Ľ. Snoha, Editorial,
M. Haviar and P. Maličký, Superprimes and Generalized Dirichlet Theorem,
J. Lihová and J. Pócs, On Formations of Lattices,

M. Kalina and V. Janiš, Editorial,
Z. Havranová and M. Kalina, T-Filters and T-Ideals,

Y. Q. Feng and R. Nedela, Symmetric Cubic Graphs of Girth At Most 7,

P. Hrnčiar and G. Monoszová, Minimal Eccentric Sequences with Two Values,
V. Snášel and P. Moravec, Relatively Complemented λ-Lattices.

A. Haviar, P. Hrnčiar and G. Monoszová, Eccentric Sequences and Cycles in Graphs,

M. Grendár Jr. and M. Grendár, Asymptotic Equprobability of I-Projections,
J. Kollár, P. Václavík and J. Porubän, The Classification of Programming Environments.

A. Breda d'Azevedo and R. Nedela, Join and Intersection of Hypermaps,
A. Dekrét and J. Bakša, Applications of Line Objects in Robotics,
A. Haviar and G. Monoszová, The Lattice of Varieties of Orgraphs,
D. Jakubíková-Studenovská and G. Kövesiová, On α-Pseudodimension of Monounary Algebras,

I. Couso, V. Janiš and S. Montes, Fuzzy Divergence Measures,
B. Šešelja and A. Tepavčević, On Relation Satisfying Some Horn Formulas.

F. Balibrea and V. Jiménez López, The Measure of Scrambled Sets: A Survey,

A. Haviar, P. Hrnčiar and G. Monoszová, Minimal Eccentric Sequences with Least Eccentricity Three,
M. Haviar and M. Ploščica, Affine Completeness of Kleene Algebras II,
I. Chajda and M. Ploščica, Duality of Bounded Distributive q-Lattices,

A. Haviar and G. Monoszová, Valuations and Metrics on a Poset,

P. Hrnčiar and G. Monoszová, The Edge Distance in Some Families of Graphs II.,

P. Hrnčiar and G. Monoszová, The Edge Distance in Some Families of Graphs,

A. Haviar and P. Konôpka, The Lattice of Order Varieties,